The Pliable Plane
Spring 2016 Faculty Exhibition
March 3–May 9, 2016
Architecture + Design Studios
University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Architecture

Large-scale installation design and fabrication with Nick Rummler, Antonio Torres, Aura Venckunaite

The Pliable Plane is the 2016 Faculty Exhibition at UIC School of Architecture. The exhibition asks participants to collectively explore architectural issues such as tectonics, materiality, form, pattern, and structure through the application of pliable materials. The interior surface is composed of textiles pieced together as in traditional quilt making, blown up into a large-scale spatial experience, creating spectacle through pattern and color. Layered with a second textile plane, the shape is overstuffed, further alluding to a grossly oversized quilt that is suspended in space.

The space, as experienced via passage up and down a stairwell, temporarily envelops the user and evokes a sense of softness, depth, and heaviness as you travel through the space. The back, or outside, observed from above, is a display of structure and tectonics as the object is suspended inside the gallery space.