ARC 2021, Spring 2019
Second Year Design 2
Cal Poly Pomona,
College of Environmental Design
Coordinated by Axel Schmitzberger
co-taught w/

A continuation of basic design exercises focusing on simple buildings and their relationship to site and program. Introduction to architectural programming and the influence of context.

At this very moment, our bodies are spatially situated in an architectural condition. Our physical presence within it also prescribes our role in its’ ongoing development. The fact that we are typically unaware of this role in this process in no way diminishes its potential significance. This relationship that exists between material – entropy -, and us, the user, and the other us, the designer, is inherently asymmetric. We accumulate memories connected to places and space, but rarely see that every object is also its own accumulation of history.


The suggested Akei Toy Museum (ATM) will test the current phenomena of museums as “events”, a trend which both drives and limits the possibilities for museum architecture to function as a lens between visitors and artifacts. The paradigm of “destination architecture” provokes the question as to whether a building dedicated to the aims of preservation, display, and transmission of knowledge should upstage the very content it was designed to transmit. The studio will examine the notion of seductive artifacts against that of architecture as a seductive event, perhaps finding new opportunities for synthesis between them or a stark need for the development of a new approach to the problem.

Unfolded Experiential Section, Noel Corderon
Unfolded Experiential Section, Noel Cordero