ARC 1011, Fall 2019
Foundations of Architectural + Digital Design
Cal Poly Pomona,College of Environmental Design
Coordinated by Robert Alexander
co-taught w/Georgina Baronian, Sona Gevorkyan, Luis Gil, Andrew Lords, Behn Samareh, Claudia Wainer

An introduction to the process of design through studio projects addressing the role of process in the development of form. The course focuses on drawing and model construction as a means to seeing and understanding.  

These courses introduce you to basic drawing and model- making techniques, both analog and digitial that are used in the architectural design process. You will work on a series of exercises focused on building the skills of architectural rep- resentation and design in three dimensions. In later exercises you will be asked to create projects extracting concepts and forms from existing buildings serial repetition, scale change, and other techniques of transformation as the basis for architectural explorations.