ARC 2500A, Fall 2019
Intermediate Digital Design Technology
Cal Poly Pomona, College of Environmental Design
Coordinated by Axel Schmitzberger
co-taught w/  Garet Ammerman, Sona Gervorkyan, Richard Molina, Sasha Plotnikova, Kirill Volchinskiy

Facilitates students access to digital design drawing and modeling, tools, skills, and concepts actively used in design studio. Use of sketching and digital modeling for design study iteration and variation.

Final Assignment | Drawdel

A drawdel is a hybrid between drawing and model, with an understanding that drawing and model have an intrinsic relationship. Students are now asked to develop a combination of a 3d print, a drawing and a laser-scored surface, utilizing multiple production cycles including flatbed printing, vacuum forming, and traditional model making with attention to assembly and alignment. The scale will be determined based on issued templates.